How to get rid of perfectionism

It was hard to write this, do you know why ?!

Because as someone who has turned from the darkness of the world of perfectionism to light, there are still traces of perfectionism inside you. Honestly, I was thinking about what unique title to find for this article that would appeal to the audience.

but never mind…

I had to write a perfectionist article about “how not to be a perfectionist.” 😅

How did I find out:

Why did I go for this book? I do not remember where I saw and heard his name, but … the first step was not to find the book. The story begins when everyone thinks that a series of problems in their life is due to their internal issues. When you believe this, you have two options:

1. Do you believe that many things can be changed, even if they are internal?
2. Do you believe that you can not change anything? So you go on with your life as it is.
For me, it was like I had the first belief. But I did not know what this particular problem was called, so I looked for a solution. Now that I’m halfway there, I know how much a psychologist or counselor can help us. Thank God, as a result of the meetings I went to and still go to, a list of some of the issues I need to work on has gradually emerged.

And one of those issues was idealism.


In this book, Stephen Guise presents the problem very well and then tells us his solutions. But when I started reading this book as a perfectionist, I got more and more stressed as I went along. Because until now, I thought that all my successes were due to this perfectionism and nothing else. Now, it seems that other problems had pressed me so hard that I wanted to escape from the only tool that led me to the successes of my life !!!

I was terrified and stressed.

If the author has freed a person from the problem of perfectionism even with this book, he deserves the best rewards. I say this from the bottom of my heart.

They present the issue so that the whole process that takes shape in our minds and leads us to successful results so far is not just perfectionism. And this part must be separated from perfectionism. In this way, we analyze our current situation more efficiently. On the other hand, we are not afraid of losing the ability to grow.

After these separations were done.

He talks about the negative points of this “perfectionism,” gives examples, and proposes his solutions.

This book is full of examples and related solutions. Models that bring to life many memories of life. To know that there was a solution other than what we did !!!

The root of many of these issues that fit into our thought patterns has been outside of us and is learnable.

Many of the assumptions we think we were born with were given to us. Maybe we do not remember the day when these were instilled in us, but we believe we are born that way because it was so far away.
I think any further explanation will spoil the book for you. Therefore, I want to give you a chance.

That’s it and no more.

Good luck.

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A Product Owner who loves reading and writing, nature, animals, and art.

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Masih Heidarizadeh

A Product Owner who loves reading and writing, nature, animals, and art.