Product Story: Why Jira?!

The exciting thing about Jira is that the word “Jira” is derived from the word “Gojira,” or Godzilla :))
This excellent and sophisticated tool was released in the year 2002. And it is one of the most widely used and powerful tools for managing products, projects, processes, services, etc.

Atlassian, which recently acquired the Trello, is responsible for developing and supporting our dear Jira. With a very large community, in which all members are well active, the company was able to build products that meet many needs well, and in addition, have a high degree of flexibility.

If you want to customize your product development or project advancement the way you wish to, Jira Tools provides it with enough configurable settings and powerful plugins.
Also, the wide range of tools that Atlassian has in its product portfolio can easily be associated with documentation tools and code repositories. As a result, you can automate your development process from start to finish.

Another interesting point is that we can use Jira for all teams, and it does not matter how many members there are on each team (as long as you pay for it if you are using Jira Cloud) :)))
Previously, Jira was only run on your server. But it is now possible to use the company’s online product or Jira Cloud. The old days had the problem that non-corporate users could not use Jira because they did not have the required servers and infrastructure. Setting up a virtual machine on a personal system also caused many problems.

Perhaps in the past, it was said that:
“Jira is an enterprise-level, project management, and issue tracking tool.”
But with the Jira Cloud product, that definition no longer holds. Many people use Jira to manage their personal affairs. For example, one of the people who creates training courses on uses this tool to plan the construction of courses and record his podcasts.

One of the advantages of JIRA tools is that we can define various “Tasks” in it, from regular projects to operational, repetitive, or short-term kinds of works.
Even personal work!
In the early days of learning Jira, I used it to plan to buy bread and even clean my room. :))

If you, as a startup team, a large organization, or even for personal use, want to log your work in Jira, there are other benefits for you:
By default, Jira assumes that you are familiar with Agile methodology. This is advantageous because software projects and projects that used to be done with methods other than Agile now use Agile today. Among these projects, we can mention SpaceX.
So by using Jira, we can use our maximum capacity and achieve more agility.

If we start doing something on our own and then want other people to join and gradually form a new team, Jira is also a good tool for this project. We can start working with the slightest knowledge of project management, Agile methodology, and product management.
As a small company or a large organization, you can get this information using Jira if you want to view all your projects and their current status completely.

You can know all the tasks, the difficulty of them, the time required to do each, the speed of people doing them, and so on.
This tool is available to you everywhere because you can access it on all your devices.

So far, we have reviewed some of the benefits of the Jira tool. I would be happy if you shared your experience regarding Jira. I will add your point to the main article and mention your name.
While I want to write about the weaknesses of Jira in the future, also share your opinion with me from this point of view in the comments.
Good luck

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A Product Owner who loves reading and writing, nature, animals, and art.

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Masih Heidarizadeh

A Product Owner who loves reading and writing, nature, animals, and art.