Write and write and write.

Why do you need to write?

Have you ever wondered what other benefits writing has, sharing our knowledge with others and being beneficial to them?
Have you ever had different ideas come to your mind and then forget how you could implement them?
In this article, I will talk to you about the benefits of writing and one of the writing methods.

The first step — the structure of our mind
“Our minds are built to create ideas, not to maintain them,” says David Allen, who introduced the GTD technique in his training video.
However, some people may have a solid memory. But I and other people who agree with me have a standard memory need to pay attention to the fact that:
The more they write down their ideas and do not keep them in mind, the more space they will have for new ideas to emerge.

In the first step, write it down somewhere whenever an idea comes to your mind. You can use a small pocket notebook or mobile app to do this.
I always use this method to remember the topics I want to write an article about. Even this method can manage minimal personal tasks and help them be organized to reach our goals faster.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Step 2 — How to write
This section is based entirely on my own experience, and I am happy to know your views on this. For our writings to be effective in conveying our meaning and purpose to the reader and, at the same time to be attractive, it is necessary to observe a few things:

  • Second: Choose topics based on your taste. Do not choose content that has already become a trend. Because in that case, our writing will be one of several existing in this field, and we have not shared a unique experience or knowledge.
  • Third: Do not translate. Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of material in which the author has translated the subject from another language and published it in his own name. Do not forget that if you are translating a story, you must mention the author's name and its source. We must also have the necessary permission to do the translation.
  • Fourth: Writing may not yet be as well established in the culture of some countries as it should be. So we need to practice little by little to add it to our behaviors and habits. For example, we can use a diary to get started.
  • Fifth: Appreciate the people who write. These people spend their time with us to share their valuable knowledge and experiences. So be sure to support the author if you read the article.
  • Sixth: Maintain your writing style. It is always essential that you write with the expression and vocabulary of your mind because it will be much more interesting this way.
  • Make it a habit to do some writing in your daily routines.
  • There is no reason to change your writing style unless you choose to do so.

Step 3 — Share
It is great to share our ideas and experiences. This will give us the advantage of learning valuable things from the opinions of others.

Be sure to start writing right now. Write down something that has been on your mind lately, and add experiences and adventures to it so that you have an article to publish in a few minutes.

Be sure to tell me what the experience of the first thing you wrote was like
And share the link with us in the comments section
Also, don't forget to tell me your opinion about this article.

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A Product Owner who loves reading and writing, nature, animals, and art.

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Masih Heidarizadeh

A Product Owner who loves reading and writing, nature, animals, and art.